Most of the people thinking about un-wanted hair for quick remove of hair here is the best solution at Santhi’s. Many people constantly seek ways to remove their unwanted and embarrassing hair through unprofessional different methods that don’t always give the desired results. Having body hair is not only uncomfortable but can lead to low self-esteem.

Full body waxing effectively rids the skin of unwanted hairs and creates a smoother, softer appearance. Waxing is the fastest growing and most familiar means of ridding unwanted body hair and proves to be extremely effective for all types of skins.

We currently offer the following waxing options:*

Full Hands

35 minutes

Under Arms

10 minutes

Half Legs

30 minutes

Full Legs

60 Minutes

Stomach and Chest

30 minutes

Half Back

30 minutes

Full Back

30 minutes

Nape of Neck

10 minutes


30 minutes

Full Body

150 minutes

* We do not offer waxing for eyebrows. Instead, we offer the ancient method of threading.

Ready to experience smooth, hairless skin? Reach out to us today if you would like to set up a waxing appointment. We would be glad to speak with you.